I met Ron and Sue Arnold through Dave Ramsey’ radio show. They both are great people to work with when buying a house.  The reason why I said this because they are knowledgeable about the real estate industry.  They can answer many questions regarding from the process of owning a property to the tiny details of what to look for of a good house;  for example,  they will directly tell me to avoid buying a house in certain zones in the city because of high crime rates, the pros and cons of this particular unit,  the cost of putting down a tree,  the additional cost for adding one extra bedroom,  the comparative house price of the nearby area,  the regulations of the city,  the potential cost of buying a major fix up property,  and etc.  In addition,  they are the excellent sources to help the new owner to connect with people to do the job in case of home improvements needed. They have a vast networks of people doing everything of a house, from the electricians running the wires to the person painting the house. Furthermore,  they have an excellent supporting team to do the paper works;  they are highly efficient and effective. They are always available when Ron and Sue are on to something. They won’t let the client, like me, to wait without getting in touch with any of them. I am glad I chose them as my Realtor. They can give me piece of mind buying a safe nest for my family because of their expertise; client first and money second mental attitudes, professionalism,  knowledge,  and patience. As a person with experiences working with them, therefore,  I am here to highly recommend to use them when buying or selling real properties.